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We are an experienced OH&S training and consultancy provider based in Perth, Western Australia.

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Haz-Ed Services in Perth, Western Australia, is your trusted partner for Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) courses and solutions, offering a full spectrum consultancy service, expert training, and top-quality safety equipment to keep you and your employees safe in high-risk environments.

Haz-Ed Services is a West Australian owned business based in Perth offering OH&S services and solutions for working in high risk or hazardous environments. These services include Workplace Health & Safety Consultancy, OH&S Training Courses and Sales. We provide OH&S education and training that allows personnel to work safely in their areas of employment – including our Work Safely at Heights training courses and our Enter & Work in Confined Spaces training courses.

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Haz-Ed offer a full spectrum OH&S consultancy service. Our Workplace Safety team is with you from the initial OH&S consultation right through the design and installation of safety equipment as well as covering any OH&S Training, Certification and re-certification needs. Talk to us about how we can keep you and your employees safe at work.

Working at heights involves increased risk of injury and accident. Height safety equipment such as anchor points, static lines, walkways, guard rails and ladder systems are essential in maintaining a safe workspace and preventing accidents. Haz-Ed Services are able to install a range of proprietary engineered systems, as well as certify and re-certify them.